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Why I am not getting responses from your sales team?

Intratec's Communication Policy

How We Provide Support

We have a dedicated sales team, able to answer questions through email or chat according to the company's Customer Communication Policy

However, extensive emails exchange, unproductive chat contacts and even bureaucratic purchases can completely erode Intratec profitability. So, while we cherish mutual respect and transparency when dealing with our customers, Intratec reserves the right to not provide pre-sales support to any person exhibiting a conduct which is unreasonable and/or unacceptable, making a mutually profitable partnerships impossible. In this context, customers who do not comply with Intratec's Communication Policy may be blocked.

Unreasonable Conducts

Requests for Intratec reports and/or data, in whole or in part, for free

Requests for additional discounts, other than stipulated by Intratec's discount policy

Requests for receiving Intratec reports and/or data, in whole or in part, before the delivery date

Extensive, excessively bureaucratic supplier registration processes

Extensive emails exchange, with redundant and/or repetitive questions, or even questions clearly answered in Intratec's website

Disrespectful emails/chat contacts

Updated on: 12/12/2022