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When are Intratec products delivered?

Intratec Product Delivery Policy

All Intratec products are delivered only after payment confirmation.

Intratec's data and analysis are the culmination of rigorous research, meticulous data collection, and processing. Due to the substantial investment required to develop and deliver our products, coupled with their inherently non-returnable nature as information, Intratec reserves the exclusive right to grant access to its products only upon confirmation of payments:

Subscriptions: subscriptions are activated right after payment identification

Reports: once a customer purchases a report and we identify the payment, our team refreshes its content and delivers it according to the delivery option selected

Intratec products can be easily accessed in your private area at Intratec website


Our delivery policy is integrated into the Intratec website. Access to any product is granted upon confirmation of payment, following our system's design.
For customers involved in time-sensitive projects with an immediate need for Intratec products, we recommend using a credit card for payment, as credit card transactions are promptly identified. Additionally, when purchasing reports, you can select the express delivery option for faster access.
Please note that Intratec's Product Delivery Policy is non-negotiable.

Updated on: 05/22/2024