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What We Support

What We Support

Kids with the 49 XXXXY Syndrome

The 49 XXXXY syndrome is an extremely rare sex chromosome disorder, and it is considered a variant of the Klinefelter syndrome. Intellectual defict, skeletal anomalies, respiratory conditions, muscular hypotonia, heart and renal defects, and other conditions are typical in individuals with this syndrome. However, there is hope! With early diagnosis and proper treatments, many of those conditions can be minimized or even avoided. We think it’s important to raise awareness for this cause, and we hope you’ll take a few moments to learn more about a special organization called The Focus Foundation.

The Focus Foundation is Helping

The Focus Foundation is the first and only research-based agency exclusively dedicated to identifying and helping children who have X & Y variations (also called X & Y chromosomal variations or sex chromosome disorders; within the disorder are many sub-categories, which are identified by names including Klinefelter syndrome, tetrasomy X, pentasomy X, 49 XXXXX, 48 XXXY, 49 XXXXY, XYY, and 47 XXY.), dyslexia and/or developmental dyspraxia, conditions that lead to language-based disabilities, motor planning deficits, reading dysfunction, and attention and behavioral disorders.

All physicians, ancillary health care providers and special educators are taught that genetic abnormalities can impact a child's development. Unfortunately, because most practitioners often receive insufficient information about these chromosome disorders, they don't even consider testing for X & Y variations when caring for a child who presents with developmental concerns.

Why Do We Support This Cause?

In 2015, Felipe Tavares, the founder and CEO of Intratec Solutions, learned that his only child was afflicted with the 49 XXXXY syndrome. Together with the The Focus Foundation, we hope to help people learn more about the syndrome, raise awareness, and improve the quality of life for those with the 49 XXXXY and other syndromes.

You Can Help Too!

You can help The Focus Foundation, and the children it serves, by making a financial contribution to their efforts. Your contribution will fund research that will help with the early identification and treatment of children who have X & Y variations, developmental dyspraxia and/or dyslexia. Monies raised will also be used to foster the development of treatment programs, establish scholarships and promote awareness of these three conditions.

Support the Foundation!

Updated on: 12/12/2022