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What Plant Location Factors Plan should I subscribe to?

Intratec Plant Location Factors - Subscription Plans Comparative

Annual Subscription FeeCharged per World RegionCharged per World RegionCharged per World Region
Recurring Annual Billing
Latest Factors
Historical Series✅ (1-Year History)✅ (3-Year History)✅ (Since Jan 2000)
View & Delivery
Online Charts✅ (Web Viewer)✅ (Web Viewer)✅ (Web Viewer)
Online Data Tables✅ (Web Viewer)✅ (Web Viewer)✅ (Web Viewer)
Chart Images Download✅ (JPEG, PNG)✅ (JPEG, PNG)
Data Tables Download✅ (Non-Printable PDF)✅ (Printable PDF, Excel)
Excel Add-In
Extra Features
Data Grouping OptionsMonthlyMonthly / Quarterly / YearlyMonthly / Quarterly / Yearly
Support via Email
Team Management
Number of Users235
Users Invitation✅ (Same Email Domain)✅ (Same Email Domain)✅ (Same Email Domain)
Users Roles Management
Transfer Subscription Ownership
Geo PermissionSame Country - IP RestrictedWorldwideWorldwide
Access to Extra User Access✅ (Add-on charged per Extra User per Year)
License Rights
Work Group Sharing [1]✅ (Same Country)✅ (Worldwide)✅ (Worldwide)
Research Group Sharing [2]✅ (Same Country)✅ (Worldwide)✅ (Worldwide)
License IncludedCountry LicenseGlobal Restricted LicenseGlobal Regular License
Purchasing Features
Order through Web Store
Order via Email+ USD 299+ USD 299+ USD 299
Credit Card / Paypal Payment
Wire Transfer Payment+ USD 199+ USD 199+ USD 199

[1] Work Group: Group of employees of a For-Profit Organization
[2] Research Group: Group of up to 10 employees of an Academic/Nonprofit Organization, who work together in a project / sector of such organization
[3] Once you cancel your subscription, you will continue to have access to your subscription plan data until the end of your current billing period. Refunds are NOT provided in this case.

Updated on: 06/21/2024