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What kind of energy price is published: spot, contract or something different?

Understanding Intratec's Price Data

To understand the price type of each energy price assessment, please refer to the Data Legend topic located under the price chart.

For more details about each price assessment and the data provided by Intratec Energy Price References, check Intratec methodologies.


Contract Prices reflect the average of the prices agreed in long-term contracts settled in a given month. These contracts usually refer to long-term relationships, in which the commodity is regularly delivered over several months.

Spot Prices reflect the prices at which the commodity can be purchased in isolated transactions. Differently from contract prices, spot prices are ruled by the current availability of the commodity in the marketplace.

Transaction Prices are mixes of contract and spot prices actually negociated in the market and shipped to the buyers.

More information about types of Commodities prices can be found in this article published by Intratec.

Updated on: 04/09/2024