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What is Intratec Primary Commodity Prices methodology?

Intratec Primary Commodity Prices methodology

Intratec Primary Commodity Prices relies on artificial intelligence to generate valuable price information from huge amounts of public information gathered monthly by data robots developed by Intratec.

The price values are obtained through a structured big data strategy developed by a team of market experts, computer and data scientists. Such strategy relies on advanced technologies to extract, store, process, and analyze various publicly available data from a wide range of open sources as soon as they are released, so they can be transformed into valuable price information through machine-learning algorithms.

The computer-based proprietary strategy developed by Intratec significantly reduces human errors and also prevents our price assessments from being biased by opinions of market participants who are interested in driving prices according to their own interests.

You can find more information about Intratec Primary Commodity Prices methodology here.

Updated on: 05/22/2024