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What is Intratec Price Adjustment Policy?

Intratec is frequently enhancing its products, and prices are adjusted from time to time. Subscribers enjoy enhancements at no additional cost, as long as their subscriptions remain active and on auto-renew (paid via Credit Card or PayPal).

At Intratec, our unwavering commitment is to enhance our customers' experience continually by refining our products. We consistently improve our offerings by adding more relevant content and features.

In pursuit of this mission, we periodically adjust the prices of our subscription plans and reports.

It's important to note that these price adjustments, however, do not affect active subscriptions. This means that our valued subscribers can enjoy all the enhancements at no additional cost as long as their subscription remains active (learn more about advantages of subscribing using credit card or PayPal)

Updated on: 10/27/2023