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What is included in Intratec Commodity Price Trends subscription?

Intratec Commodity Price Trends Subscription Features

Intratec Commodity Price Trends provides a user-friendly tool, which allows the identification of price trends, tracking of monthly price variations, and customization of data views. More specifically, as a subscriber of Intratec Commodity Price Trends, according to your subscription plan you will be able to:

Access commodity price indexes in online charts and data tables (in the User Area on the Intratec website)

Learn latest price indexes, updated monthly

Work offline with downloadable data tables (Excel, PDF) and charts (JPEG, GIF)

Check historical price indexes since Jan 2007

Learn price indexes in main world regions

View price indexes in multiple ways (by month/quarter/year)

Check charts of monthly/yearly price index variations

Share data with coworkers

Add users (same email domain) and manage their roles

Handle your company billing on one single account

Receive price indexes in Excel, via email

Subscribers of Intratec Commodity Price Trends access pricing data through charts and tables, but NO reports about the data presented are provided.

Updated on: 01/30/2023