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Bespoke Commodity Costs of Production Reports

About Bespoke Reports

Intratec supports companies interested in manufacturing processes not yet covered in Intratec Commodity Costs of Production. We can develop and provide Bespoke Costs of Production Reports, focused on processes defined by the customer. A bespoke report, basically, is an Intratec Commodity Costs of Production report developed on demand, focused on a production process a customer is interested in.

Requesting a Bespoke Report

Requesting a bespoke Commodity Costs of Production Report is very convenient and straightforward, with no meetings or phone calls whatsoever. You need first to submit a request for quotation, by following the steps presented here.

Identify the Product and the Process of Your Interest

Select the Scope of the Bespoke Report

Review & Submit your Request for Quotation

A preliminary budget is presented, which is an estimated price for developing the bespoke report, calculated based on the process to be examined and the scope of the new report. Once you submit your request for quotation, the budget for the bespoke report may be reviewed by Intratec according to: the accuracy of the information provided about the process, process complexity, availability of information about the process, etc.

After you submit your request, within 2 business days you will receive an email from Intratec with the definitive quotation for developing the bespoke report, the development time required and further instructions for concluding the purchase of the report. During the purchase, you will be able to generate an invoice. The payment implies full acceptance by the customer of Intratec terms and the formalization of the sale of the bespoke report.

Bespoke Report Development

Upon purchase of the bespoke report, Intratec experts promptly start its development. The report is developed remotely by Intratec team. Once the report is ready, it is made available either for online access or for download in a private area at Intratec website.

Intratec retains all intellectual property rights in the Intratec Commodity Costs of Production, including in bespoke reports developed on demand. That being the case, all bespoke reports developed are included in Intratec Commodity Costs of Production library, to be sold at Intratec website. Customers interested in having bespoke reports with exclusivity must contact

Updated on: 04/08/2024