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What do you mean by a subscription fee charged "per Industry per Year"?

About Subscription Fees

Subscription Plan & Number of Industries

Some Intratec products (namely Intratec Primary Commodity Prices and Intratec Commodity Price Trends) present data from several commodities, which are grouped according to the respective industry. This means that each commodity covered in the respective Intratec product belongs to one of the industries below:

Fertilizers & Gases
Olefins & Derivatives
Aromatics & Derivatives
Alcohols & Organic Acids
Inorganic Chemicals
Food & Nutrition
Metals & Mining

So when subscribing, the cost of your subscription will depend on: (i) the subscription plan selected, and (ii) the number of industries included on the subscription being purchased.

Example: let's assume you selected the "Pro" Subscription Plan, costing USD 1000 per Industry per Year. Then, after selecting this plan, you select the industries "Fertilizers & Gases" and "Olefins & Derivatives" to be included in your subscription. This means that your subscription fee will be 2 * USD 1000 per year, totaling USD 2000 per year.

Extra Users (Add-on)

The number of users of a given subscription are defined according to the subscription plan, as follows:

Subscription PlanUsersExtra Users
Standard2 users in the same country (IP Restricted; same Business Email Domain)Not Allowed
Pro3 users worldwide (same Business Email Domain)Not Allowed
Business5 users worldwide (same Business Email Domain)Add-on (Additional Fee per Extra User per Year, limited to 20)

Owners of Business Subscriptions can purchase extra users for an additional fee per extra user per year. Check here instructions on how to purchase additional users.

Updated on: 01/30/2023