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Use & Sharing of Subscription Data

Am I allowed to share subscription data?

The subscriber may create content based on Intratec data for internal use only, according to Intratec License Terms and General Terms & Conditions. Subscribers have a limited right to share Intratec data with coworkers, on a confidential basis and strictly according to the license acquired, which is tied to the respective subscription plan.

The table below summarizes how subscription data can be accessed, shared and the limitations that apply in each case.

Subscription PlanAccessWork Group Sharing (Business Use) [1]Research Group Sharing (Academic Use) [2]Third Party Sharing
StandardSame Country (IP Restricted) [3]Same CountrySame CountryNot Allowed
ProWorldwide [3]WorldwideWorldwideNot Allowed
BusinessWorldwide [3]WorldwideWorldwideLimited, upon Intratec authorization


[1] Work Group: Group of employees of a For-Profit Organization. It does NOT include company affiliates, subsidiaries
[2] Research Group: Group of up to 10 employees of an Academic/Nonprofit Organization, who work together in a project / sector of such organization. It does NOT include any sort of library nor public/shared knowledge bases.
[3] All users must have the same business email domain.

More information about use and sharing of subscription data can be found at Intratec License Terms and General Terms & Conditions. If you need to share continuously Intratec data with third parties, you can request a Global Broad License.

Updated on: 03/15/2023