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Price Assessment Methodology Complaints

A Price Assessment seems to be incorrect...what should I do?

We understand that users of Intratec price data may occasionally have differing perspectives on how we have implemented our published methodology for a price assessment. If you find yourself in such a situation, we encourage you to contact our Support Team, who will provide a detailed explanation of the price assessment process. Should you still believe that our methodology application is inconsistent for a particular assessment after discussing it with our Support Team, you have the option to submit a formal complaint, which will be addressed by Intratec's senior management.

All complaints should be directed to When making a complaint, please:

Identify the price assessment(s) which would be incorrect (please make sure to include all information necessary, such as the commodity/energy/utility assessed, the assessment basis, location, etc)
Describe in detail any discrepancy(ies) found, identifying the reference(s) against which Intratec price data was compared to
Describe in detail the assessment basis adopted in the reference(s) provided

Intratec management will carefully examine the complaint. If the complaint is clearly articulated and if upon review discrepancies in Intratec price data are indeed identified, Intratec may provide coupons to be used in Intratec website or, exceptionally, a pro rata refund.

Updated on: 04/09/2024