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My company already issued a Purchase Order...can I access Intratec Products?

Intratec Delivery Policy

Customers are allowed to access Intratec products only after Intratec identifies the respective payment.

All Intratec products can be accessed only in a private area at Intratec website. Per Intratec system design, products become accessible to any given customer automatically after the payment of the respective amount due (report price or subscription fee) is identified by Intratec.

Customers involved in time-sensitive assignments, with urgent need for accessing Intratec products, are encouraged to proceed with the purchase at Intratec website using Credit Cards. Payments via credit card are usually promptly identified, in such a way that the access to the product is provided right away.

In addition, payments via credit card bring a number of advantages, as explained here.


Intratec does not provide access to its products upon presentation of Purchase Orders, Payment Remittances or any other document, only after proper identification of payment.

Updated on: 10/05/2023