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Intratec Work Philosophy

Intratec Work Philosophy

Operate remotely and synchronically

We at Intratec want to accomplish amazing things, being as productive as possible but also having time to spend with our families and friends at our leisure. With that in mind, we envisioned that our way to grow and flourish would be in a remote environment, so that we can find the best people in the world while also providing the opportunity for all company members to live wherever they want, and operate in a synchronous fashion.

So Intratec scaled as a synchronous, no-office company, as follows:
No-office company: Everyone at Intratec can do his/her jobs anywhere in the world - including his/her home, a co-working space, etc. - where he/she have access to high-speed internet
Synchronous: While we all aim to be extremely productive, all communications at Intratec must be highly efficient: everybody must be readily available to clear doubts about any given matter, in a timely manner. For that end, Intratec operates synchronically: we all work clustered around adjacent time zones, what enables us to have a dynamic communications with each other, whether via chat or online meetings.

Be the captain of your own ships

Ownership is a key value shared by everyone at Intratec – based on it, regardless of hierarchical level, each collaborator works with much more responsibility, engagement and ambition.

As Owners ("Captains of Their Own Ships"), every Intratec collaborator fully assumes his/her individual responsibilities before everyone in the company, regarding not only the work but also routines that concern he/she.

Start with the problem, not the solution

It is tempting to dive right into solutioning, but we are often wrong about the underlying problem. It is human nature to jump into solution mode when we learn about a problem. When we hear about a problem, we immediately start thinking about solutions. However, the more time we spend learning about the problem, the easier it will be to find a solution and good chances are that this solution will be simpler and faster to implement than the first solution we think about.

Here’s a great Albert Einstein quote:

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.”

A well formed problem statement is the key to a true, elegant, scalable solution.

Work iteratively

We do the smallest viable and valuable thing, and get it out quickly for feedback.  Think of what you can complete in that time that would improve the current situation. Iteration can be uncomfortable, even painful. If you're doing iteration correctly, it should be. Reverting work back to a previous state is positive, not negative. We're quickly getting feedback and learning from it. Making a small change prevented a bigger revert and made it easier to revert.

If we take smaller steps and conclude smaller tasks, we get feedback sooner. Instead of spending time working on the wrong thing or going in the wrong direction, we can finish the simplest concept, receive fast feedback, and course correct.

In short: We aim for good, which is always better than great and perfect when working iteratively.

Celebrate and learn from failures

Success is not to have a life free of pitfalls and falls, but success is to walk over your mistakes and go beyond every stage where your efforts were wasted looking forward to the next stage. Failure should drive you to achieve more, to do more and to do better.

It took Thomas Edison 10,000 attempts to perfect the light bulb. Bill Gates’ first company was a complete disaster. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper job for lack of creativity. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first job, where she experienced sexual harassment in a hostile work environment. The most successful people in the world have failed, often.

We at Intratec believe, as pointed out by Kealy Spring, that "we learn more from our failures than from our successes. Not only do we find out what doesn’t work so that we can adjust our future attempts, we learn about ourselves in the process and gain a bit of empathy towards others that might be struggling as well."

Finally, see below a piece from the book "law of wasted efforts", understood by all species, except perhaps man:

"Do you know lions only succeed in a quarter of their hunting attempts? Which means they fail in 75% of their attempts and succeed only in 25%? Despite this small percentage shared by most predators, they don't despair in their pursuit and hunting attempts. The main reason for this is not because of hunger as some might think but it is the understanding of the "law of wasted efforts" that have instinctively been built into animals, a law in which nature is governed. Half of the eggs of fishes are eaten... half of the baby bears die before puberty., most of the worlds' rains fall in oceans ... and most of the seeds of trees are eaten by birds. Scientists have found that animals, trees, and other forces of nature are more receptive to the law of "wasted efforts". Only humans think that the lack of success in a few attempts is failure but the truth is that we only fail when we stop trying."

Always dominate what you are doing

This is about always knowing not only what you are doing in detail, but why you are doing it. Put another way, everyone at Intratec is focused primarily on helping the company achieve its goals in the best way possible, not on concluding any given specific activity by itself.

So we never miss the big picture: we are always striving to help Intratec the most at every juncture, and never treat the work as a checklist.

Hiring is everyone's job

In general, a large percentage of business problems can be actually seen as recruiting problems in disguise. At Intratec, filling vacant positions with B-Players is to play with fire.

Instead, we strive to hire the best and build a team with limitless potential. From sourcing and interviewing to closing and onboarding, it is key to attract winners like a magnet and avoid the mistakes that result in bad hires.

Assembling a team of driven and innovative members is the most powerful competitive advantage we can have in today’s ever-changing business world. So recruiting is everyone's job at Intratec.

Marketing is everyone's Job

We do not leave the official job of marketing to any marketing department, no - marketing is everybody’s job at Intratec. Any member from Intratec that comes into contact with a customer, develops a new product, work on company website is performing a marketing function. There are no people with marketing titles at Intratec.

Marketing isn’t just a new ad campaign, an email newsletter. It is so much deeper than that. Marketing permeates every aspect of our business and is part of every person’s job description, from interns to the managing partners.

Updated on: 05/23/2024