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Intratec Price Data Methodology Principles

Understanding Intratec's Price Data

To understand price data presented in Intratec products - whether Primary Commodity Prices or Energy Price References -, it is important to keep in mind that Intratec Price Data methodology relies on two main principles:

1. Use of official foreign trade statistics to calculate prices

Prices are based on wide sets of trade transactions effectively concluded, and are representative of volume-weighted average prices of commodities grouped under the same commodity code by the trade statistics source.

Click here to learn more about how we use official foreign trade statistics.

2. Use of advanced techniques in data processing and statistical analysis

Intratec relies upon ETL automation tools and statistical analysis to extract and process a vast amount of official trade data automatically. All data pulled together is thoroughly double checked by Intratec team, so that reliable series are presented to help subscribers evaluate prices and identify trends in key markets.

Updated on: 05/22/2024