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Intratec Plant Location Factors Chart Help

About Intratec Plant Location Factors Charts


Intratec Plant Location Factors (IL Factors) Charts present:

IL Factor Data: A chart presenting Location Factor historical series. Hover the mouse over the series to view the respective values plotted.
IL Factor Tool: Use this tool to adjust local construction costs of industrial plants between two locations.


Data may be presented in the following formats:

Chart: Graphical representation of the data – you must hover the mouse over the price series to view the respective values plotted. You can filter a given series by clicking on the respective legend label, right above the chart. Chart images may be downloaded as JPG or PNG files [1].
Table: Arrangement of data in rows and columns. Data tables may be downloaded as non-printable PDF [1] or Excel files [2].

[1] Available only to subscribers of 'Pro' or 'Business' plans.
[2] Available only to subscribers of 'Business' plans.


The following types of data are available in the chart:

Final: Calculations done utilizing official statistics.
Preliminary: Estimates based on non-consolidated data, which will be recalculated/revised as consolidated data become available.

Updated on: 12/12/2022