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Intratec Commodity Costs of Production Versions

Understanding Report Versions

All Intratec Commodity Costs of Production are available in three different versions, designed to attend customers with a wide range of needs:

Basic Version - This version describes the industrial plant, including main process units and site infrastructure, and presents an independent economic analysis through summarized figures. It is perfect for those looking for a brief overview of the process, and an objective understanding of its economics.

Extended Version - In this version, several assumptions and details related to the summarized economic analysis presented in the Basic Version are further described throughout the appendixes, such as: utilities consumption details; the impact of the plant capacity changes on the economic figures; construction schedule. This version is suitable for the readers interested in a more comprehensive analysis, concerned in understanding assumptions used in the report development.

Advanced Version - This is the most detailed version, which enables the reader to go deeper in its analysis with additional economic and technical information about the process. This version details, for instance: the share of each functional unit in the ISBL investment; a breakdown of investment required for erecting the site surrounding infrastructure; a comprehensive process flow diagram presenting the main pieces of equipment process streams. This version is an excellent starting point for the readers interested in developing more in-depth studies.

Check a detailed comparison among reports versions,

All Intratec Commodity Costs of Production are developed based on a common methodology and additionally have a common structure, i.e., indexes, tables and charts share similar standards. This ensures that Intratec’s readers know upfront what they will get and, more than that, will be able to compare technologies addressed in different publications.

Updated on: 04/08/2024