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Intratec Commodity Costs of Production Bulk Purchase Offer

Intratec Commodity Costs of Production Bulk Purchase Offer

Production Cost Packages: Ideal for Companies Interested in Many Reports

With Production Cost Packages, companies can pay a discounted amount upfront, and request reports later, as they need.

In other words, Production Cost Packages work as digital vouchers, where after the company makes one single hassle-free purchase, its employees can get the reports they want, over one year.

It is suitable for companies with:

High demand for reports at a discount; and/or
Interest in paying one time, with no bureaucracy, and choose reports throughout the year

How It Works?

Production Cost Packages purchase and use are straightforward.

Everything starts with a 3-minute read of the Production Cost Package brochure, which presents the available packages and respective prices.


Select the package best fitting your needs
In the brochure, click on the link to request the package by filling a brief online form
Intratec will send payment instructions to your email
After payment identification, you will receive a Digital Voucher code, valid for 1 year
In Intratec website, select the reports of your interest and add them to the shopping cart (as a regular purchase)
During checkout, insert the voucher code. The order amount will be deducted from the package balance

Updated on: 04/08/2024