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I just need a quote, how should I proceed?

Instantly Generate and Download a Quote

A Quote is a document stating the price of Intratec products, provided for information purposes only and with no legal value.
You can easily generate and download a quote (PDF file) for any Intratec report or subscription, in the step "Payment Preferences" during checkout. To get a quote, just follow the steps below:

Click on “Select" and proceed

In the step “Billing”, enter your billing info and proceed

In the step “Payment Preferences”:
Select any option under "Choose the Payment Method"
Click on the button "Get a Quote"

If you want a document with bank information for payment via bank transfer, in the step "Payment Preferences" you must select 'Wire Transfer / Invoice / P. O.' under 'Choose the Payment Method' and then click on "Confirm Order". At the end, you will have an invoice (PDF file) with all bank details for payment.

Updated on: 12/12/2022