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I cannot validate my VAT/Tax ID, how should I proceed?

VAT/Tax ID Validation Troubleshooting

Your company VAT ID may not be validated by our system due to two main reasons: errors in the VAT ID provided and/or in the VAT ID format.

Errors in the VAT ID provided: please make sure that you entered the correct VAT number

Errors in the VAT ID format: some countries define VAT ID numbers in specific formats, which includes characters like "." and "-". To illustrate, the VAT ID in Indonesia must have the following format: "XX.XXX.XXX.X-XXX.XXX". So a company from Indonesia with VAT number 02.162.942.3-053.000 must enter the VAT ID in the form exactly this way, including the characters "." and "-", otherwise the VAT ID will not be validated. So please make sure you enter the VAT number with all special characters it has, if any

You can request refund of VAT/GST fee improperly charged by filling a brief online from, as described here.

Updated on: 12/12/2022