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I am a bookseller...can I resell Intratec reports?

About Intratec Licenses

Intratec offers key data about the commodities’ market, which are available for purchase on our website. On all licenses offered online, Intratec data can be shared only between companies’
coworkers, and limited third parties on an ad-hoc basis. You can check key differences among licenses sharing rights here.

Customers interested in integrate Intratec data into their products/services, can also request a Global Broad License Brochure.

Finally, per Intratec Terms, organizations which can be characterized as follows are prohibited of purchasing any sort of license offered by Intratec:

Academic/Nonprofit Organizations which can be characterized as public libraries, university libraries, or any organization whose activities involve sharing of information with the public
For-Profit Organizations which can be as characterized book resellers, data resellers or any organization whose business activities involve the sale of data, books, editorial content

Updated on: 12/20/2022