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How Intratec Commodity Costs of Production Reports differ from Conventional Alternatives?

Intratec Commodity Costs of Production Vs. Conventional Alternatives

Intratec Commodity Costs of ProductionConventional Alternatives [1]
Production Processes per Report1Varies (in Average 3)
Content Structure (Table of Contents & Methodology)Reports Share the Same StructureReports Structure May Vary
ReadabilityEasy (Same Table of Contents & Methodology)Difficult (Table of Contents & Methodology Vary)
Cost Analysis ComparabilityEasyComplex
Target AudienceAnyoneOnly Experts
Analysis DepthDifferent Versions for Different Needs [2]Varies
Content (Production Process)
Process DescriptionIncludes ISBL and OSBL descriptionVaries (Usually OSBL Is Not Described)
Raw Materials Consumption & Co-Products Generation✅ (All Versions)
Utilities Consumption Breakdown✅ (Extended & Advanced Versions)
Technology Maturity Assessment✅ (All Versions)
Labor Requirements✅ (All Versions)
Project & Construction Schedule✅ (Extended & Advanced Versions)
Patents ReviewVaries
Content (Economic Assessment)
Fixed Capital Investment✅ (All Versions)
ISBL & OSBL Capital Costs✅ (Advanced Version)Varies
Cost Breakdown per Discipline✅ (Advanced Version)
Working Capital & Additional Capital Requirements✅ (All Versions)❌ (Only total)
Raw Materials Costs✅ (All Versions)
Utilities Costs✅ (Extended & Advanced Versions)
Labor Costs✅ (Extended & Advanced Versions) [3]Varies According to Alternative
Corporate Overhead✅ (All Versions)❌ (Only total)
Capacity Analysis✅ (Extended & Advanced Versions)Varies
Data FreshnessUp to DateVaries (in average 10-year-old data)
Extra Analyses
Technology Customization [4]✅ (Bespoke)
Location Customization [5]✅ (Add-on)
Market AnalysisVaries
Extra Features
Delivery FormatPDF & Excel (Varies According to Versions) [6]PDF
Technical Support✅ (Advanced Version)
Transparency & Convenience
Full Sample✅ (See sample)
Pricing TransparencyTotal (Clearly Stated in Website)None (Need of Contact, Customer Dependent)
Purchase ExperienceHassle-Free, ConvenientCumbersome, Bureaucratic
Purchase ChannelOnline (instant purchase)Offline (lengthy negotiations)
Purchase DurationMinutesWeeks or Months
Pricing Flexibility✅ (Different Versions for Different Budgets) [1]
Bulk Purchase OfferReports Selected by CustomerReports Selected by Provider

[1] There are some alternatives available in the market (e.g., NexantECA Technology & Costs Programs, S&P Global Chemical Process Economics Program).
[2] Intratec Commodity Costs of Production reports are offered in three different levels of depth, designed to attend customers with a wide range of needs with different budgets: Basic Version, Extended Version, and Advanced Version. Click here to check a comparison among versions.
[3] Labor costs are broken down by direct & indirect expenses, which are quarterly updated according to official statistics of the country basis of the economic analysis.
[4] Intratec offers the possibility of its customers to request bespoke reports examining processes not yet examined in an off-the-shelf publication. Click here to learn more about this offering.
[5] Intratec offers the possibility of its customers to purchase, as an add-on, additional economic analyses of industrial plants located in different countries. Click here to learn more about this offering.
[6] Reports are delivered in different formats, according to the respective version. Click here to know more about delivery formats.
[7] Price related to the Basic Version of the Intratec Commodity Costs of Production reports.

Updated on: 04/08/2024