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How do I get an invoice for payment via bank transfer?

Getting an Invoice for Bank Transfer

Anyone can easily get an invoice (PDF file) for any Intratec product, with bank information for payment via bank transfer, in Intratec website. Just follow the steps below:

In the page of the product of your interest, click on “Select” and proceed

In the step “Billing”, enter your billing info and proceed

In the step "Payment Preferences" :
Select 'Wire Transfer / Invoice / P.O.', under "Choose the Payment Method"
Click on the button "Confirm Order"

Proceed to payment and, in the end, you will see instructions to download the invoice (PDF file)

The invoice will have all information necessary for executing the payment via wire transfer.

If you want us to generate an invoice for you - that is, we would send you an invoice via email - please contact us providing all info that we must include in the invoice (company name, address, tax number(s) if any, etc). Kindly note that a Representative Assisted Fee of USD 299 is charged in this case, once assisted sales demand additional time/resources from us. The Representative Assisted Fee is waived only in purchases above USD 6,000.

If you just want a document stating the price of Intratec products, in the step "Payment Preferences" you must select under 'Choose the Payment Method' and click on the button "Get a Quote". At the end, you will have a quote (PDF file) with prices of Intratec products, provided for information purposes only and with no legal value.

Updated on: 12/12/2022