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How do I contact Intratec?

Intratec Contact Channels

As a global e-commerce business which highly values transparency, Intratec policy is to communicate with customers in written form. Written communication leaves less room for misunderstandings and ensures a transparent and auditable relationship between our team and the customer.

So you may contact us via contact form and chat:

Contact Form

You can send your questions via Contact Form - we have dedicated teams able to support you!


If you want a more dynamic contact with our team, we encourage you to use our Chat, available from 7am to 5pm (Houston Time Zone) – we will be glad to help you! You can schedule a contact via chat, at a day/time of your convenience: just fill our contact form, selecting the topic of your interest and scheduling the chat according to your convenience.

Intratec provides plenty information about all its offerings in its website: thorough descriptions an brochures, full samples, previews, and methodologies adopted. Also, we have a rich, search-friendly Help Center, where you can easily find answers to questions you may have

Per Intratec policy, we do NOT provide support via telephone or video conferences

Updated on: 12/12/2022