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How do I access my purchased products?

Accessing Purchased Products

All Intratec products are delivered only after payment confirmation, and can be easily accessed in your private are at Intratec website (User Area).

To access purchased products, just follow the steps below:

Login at with your email and password

In the User Area, on the menu option “Your Products”, click on the item of your interest to access purchased products.

Finally, reports and extra analyses delivered as online viewable reports will be accessible for 365 days after report delivery, in your private area at Intratec website.

For accessing Intratec, please use Google Chrome and Firefox for optimal experience - kindly note that Internet Explorer is not supported. Also, please keep in mind that Javascript is required to navigate Intratec website and to use most features in the user area. So please make sure Javascript is enabled.

Updated on: 01/05/2023