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Can I purchase an Intratec product for another company's use?

Third-Party Purchases and Company Usage Transfers

Only purchasers of "Advanced Subscriptions" and "Advanced Versions" of reports can request to transfer usage rights of their company to another company - such request need to be approved by Intratec.

The transfer of usage rights of an Intratec product is carried out as follows:

Request: Within 1 week after the purchase of the product, the purchaser must get in contact with Intratec team informing that he/she is willing to transfer usage rights to another company. Intratec will then send the purchaser an Application Form, in which he/she will provide all required information about the Beneficiary (the other company which will use the product).

Evaluation: Upon receiving the request, Intratec will conduct an evaluation to determine whether the transfer can be authorized. Intratec will notify the Purchaser of its decision to either authorize or deny the transfer request. If authorized, Intratec will send to the Beneficiary a form for accepting the transfer.

Acceptance. At this point, the Beneficiary must fill the Acceptance Form, agreeing to comply with all terms and conditions associated with the product, including but not limited to confidentiality and usage restrictions.

Implementation: Upon acceptance, the Beneficiary will be granted access and usage rights to the product. The Purchaser, in turn, will no longer have product usage rights, but will still retain billing and payment responsibilities


Only business subscribers and purchasers of advanced versions of reports can request usage rights transfer
Usage rights transfer requests must be made within 1 week after purchase
Even after usage rights transfer, the Purchaser responsibilities for billing and payment obligations remains unchanged

Updated on: 05/22/2024