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Can I integrate Intratec data into my product/service?

Global Broad License Offer

Expand your Sharing Rights & Use our Data in your Products

Intratec data, available through regular subscriptions offered at the website, are meant to be used for internal business purposes. This means that regular subscribers, during their businesses, can create content based on Intratec data only for internal use and sharing, according to restrictions that apply based on the respective license. If none of the subscription plans presented at our store has a license that could fit your needs, that is not a problem – you can request a Global Broad License expanding your sharing rights.

With a Global Broad License, companies can share Intratec data continuously with third parties and integrate them into their own products / services.

Having this license, companies can, for instance:

Share Intratec data continuously with third parties without further authorization
Empower software and databases with Intratec data
Receive Intratec data every month and integrate them into their own products/services

How It Works?

The Request for a Global Broad License follows this straightforward procedure.

Everything starts with a 3-minute read of the Global Broad License Brochure, which presents the license conditions and its purchase steps.

In the brochure, learn the offer and click on the link to request the license
Fill carefully online the Global Broad License Request Form
Intratec will send an offer with budget and License Terms to your email
Following acceptance of the offer and signature of the Terms, Intratec will send payment instructions to your email
After payment identification, your signature in our website will be activated and you’ll receive every month the data you subscribed.

Updated on: 12/07/2022