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Can I add industries to my Commodity Price Trends subscription?

Adding Industries to Your Subscription

Subscribers of Intratec Commodity Price Trends can at any time include more industries in the subscription. If you need more industries in your subscription, you can easily add them by following the steps below:

Login at with your email and password (top-menu)

Once logged on, click on “Account” (top-menu) and then on "Subscriptions"

Locate the subscription and click on "Details"

Click on the link to add industries and proceed with the purchase

When you add industries to your subscription, you will pay the prorated amount for the respective coverage(s) for the remaining time in your current billing cycle. Upon payment confirmation, you will have access to the new industries until the end of the billing cycle.

Example: You have purchased a subscription and, after six months, wants to add an industry which costs USD 250 per year. So you should pay only USD 125 for the new industry, and you will have access to the new industry until the end of the billing cycle.

Please keep in mind that only the subscription owner can add industries to the subscription.
Subscribers are not allowed to change or switch the industries of the respective subscriptions.

Updated on: 02/28/2023