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Assisted Sales at Intratec

I need assistance of a sales representative, how do you handle this?

Any Intratec product can be purchased online, through the company website. In assisted sales, when Intratec sales team is requested to generate invoices, process specific requirements, etc, an extra fee (the "Representative Assistance Fee"), starting from USD 299, is charged.

About Assisted Sales

Intratec website is an e-commerce, which offers a robust platform for conducting online (through Intratec website) purchases of Intratec reports and data subscriptions. We accept different Payment Methods, according to customer country.

Therefore, as assisted sales of any report/subscription demand additional time/resources from our sales team, an extra fee (the "Representative Assistance Fee") is charged when our sales team is requested to generate an invoice, process specific requirements, etc. This fee starts from USD 299.

How Assisted Sales Work

Make sure you need assistance. First, please keep in mind that you can purchase any Intratec product directly through our website. Also, we offer a rich Help Center - so for instance if you are having trouble during checkout with credit card payments, check here possible solutions; if you want to generate an invoice for wire transfer, check these instructions.
Contact us describing what you need. After exploring our help Center, if you still needs assistance from our sales team to conclude a purchase, please contact us. You must describe in detail (i) the product(s) - report(s) or subscription(s) - you intend to purchase; and (ii) all your specific requirements (e.g. info to be included in invoices, etc)
Concluding the purchase. Within 5 business days our Sales Team will get in touch with you, informing the Representative Assistance Fee charged and specific instructions for payment.

Assistance of a sales representative is available only in the purchase of "Pro" or "Advanced" subscriptions, and "Extended" or "Advanced" versions of reports.

Updated on: 04/25/2024