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Can I subscribe to access data of a single country?

No, we offer no subscriptions to access data of a single country or a custom set of countries from Intratec products.

Some Intratec products (namely Intratec Energy Price References, Intratec Water & Utility Costs, Intratec Plant Construction Indexes and Intratec Plant Location Factors) present data organized by countries, which are grouped into 6 world regions. This means that each country covered in the respective Intratec product belongs to one world region. When subscribing, you must choose the subscription plan and the world region(s) of your interest, each one targeting a defined set of countries.

You may check the countries covered and the respective world region in each Intratec product in the links below:

Intratec Energy Price References
Intratec Water & Utility Costs
Intratec Plant Construction Indexes
Intratec Plant Location Factors

Updated on: 05/22/2024