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About Subscriptions Activation

If I subscribe, when will I be able to access the data?

Data can be accessed as soon as the subscription is activated, which happens only after identification of payment. Payments via credit card and PayPal are promptly identified, while payments via wire transfer take usually 3-5 business days to be identified.

Per Intratec terms, all Intratec products are delivered only upon payment identification. In this context, subscriptions are activated only after the payment of the respective subscription fee is identified by Intratec. As soon as the subscription is activated, the subscriber will be able to access the data.

It is worth mentioning that subscribers who pay via credit card have advantages, related to lowest subscription fee, quick access to the data, convenience and guarantee of lower fees at renewal, as described here.


Subscriptions are not activated upon issuance of Purchase Orders or any similar document by the customer.

Updated on: 03/17/2023