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About Intratec Data Update Schedule

How often are data published?

All data in Intratec products are updated on a monthly basis, typically between the 6th and 8th of each month.

All data presented in subscription-based products offered by Intratec are updated on a monthly basis. During the last week of any given month, data reported by governmental agencies or by statistical surveys is collected. Subsequently, in the beginning of the following month, all collected data are manipulated, treated, and assessed by Intratec team, in order to provide the data update. The update is released typically between the 6th and 8th of each month.

Check the publication date per month and further details in Intratec Data Update Schedule.


Most Intratec products present monthly price data. Intratec price data can be useful in a number of situations, but when used alone it may not capture sharp price movements in periods of high price volatility. Therefore, monthly price data from Intratec products should not be used as a reference of real-time prices. Check a detailed explanation of Intratec price data and how to use it.

Updated on: 05/22/2024