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About Global Regular Licenses

Global Regular License

This license is less restrictive one among the licenses available. Please check below how Intratec data can be accessed and used according to a Global Regular License.

Which Intratec Products are provided with a Global Regular License?

Intratec Commodity Production Costs (Advanced Version)
Intratec Commodity Price Benchmarks (Business Plan Subscription)
Intratec Commodity Price Indexes (Business Plan Subscription)
Intratec Energy Price References (Business Plan Subscription)
Intratec Water & Utility Costs (Business Plan Subscription)
Intratec Plant Construction Indexes (Business Plan Subscription)
Intratec Plant Location Factors (Business Plan Subscription)

What are you permitted to do?

✅ Access Intratec data with no geographic restrictions
✅ Create content based on Intratec data for company's internal use
✅ Share Intratec data with all coworkers of your for-profit organization, worldwide
✅ Share Intratec data with up to 10 coworkers, if you work for an academic / nonprofit organization, worldwide
✅ Use Intratec data in up to 3 non-commercial publications (upon authorization)
✅ Share Intratec data with third parties (up to 15 people; upon authorization)

What are you NOT permitted to do?

❌ Integrate Intratec data into your product / service

Further Information about Licenses

For detailed descriptions of licenses to access and use Intratec Products, see our License Terms.

Check here a comparison between licenses sharing rights and identify which license fits you best.

Updated on: 12/12/2022