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About Country Licenses

Country License

This license is the most restrictive one among the licenses available.

What is allowed to do?

✅ Access Intratec data anywhere within your country (IP Restriction)
✅ Create content based on Intratec data for company's internal use
✅ Share Intratec data with coworkers (up to 10 coworkers for academic / nonprofit organization)

What is not allowed?

❌ Integrate Intratec data into your product / service
❌ Use Intratec data in any publication
❌ Access Intratec data outside your country
❌ Share Intratec data with anyone outside your country
❌ Share Intratec data with third parties

Who are not allowed to purchase?

Consulting companies, engineering companies, information-services companies, research centers or any entity whose activities involve sharing information with third parties
Any business entity whose activities or products are directly or indirectly competitive with those of Intratec


For detailed descriptions of licenses to access and use Intratec Products, see License Terms.
Check here a comparison between licenses sharing rights.

Updated on: 03/31/2023