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About Changes in Intratec Products

Why the product I subscribed for has changed?

Intratec is 100% committed to improve customers' experience by constantly refining its products. In this way, assessments or features are continually added and eventually may be removed from our subscription products.

As a motto, Intratec is constantly working to refine its offerings, aiming to provide the most relevant and consistent experience to our customers. Such ongoing efforts lead to the addition of more data, implementation of new features, and methodology improvements, which result in more consistent data.

In this context, we are always critically examining each assessment provided to our customers, questioning ourselves how relevant the data is for our customers pool and how consistent the data is amid Intratec increasingly tighter standards.

Sometimes, after such critical analysis, we may decide to retire a given assessment or feature as predicted in Intratec Terms & Conditions

Eventual assessments retirement or features removal may happen due to a number of reasons, including:

Identification of significant distortions in raw data collected from governmental agencies/institutions
Discontinuation of public data publication from official sources
Systematic distortions of data due to long lasting events (wars, pandemics, etc)
Deterioration and loss of relevance of data over time amid evolving market conditions
Identification of data inconsistencies after Intratec methodology improvements
Increased focus on more relevant assessments and/or features for our customers pool
Lack of interest from the majority of our customers pool

Finally, it is important to highlight that, whenever a change in any given subscription product leads to a material decrease in product coverage and/or functionality, Intratec may compensate subscribers, either by adding more coverage or upgrading the subscription plan at no additional cost, always in accordance with Intratec's Price Adjustment Policy.


All changes, including improvements in our methodologies, changes to calculation methods or new sources used for assessments, are monthly reported in Intratec Release Notes, at
We are always open to criticisms and feedbacks. You may feel free to forward your claims through our contact form.

Updated on: 05/22/2024